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the mentorship, community and 'adulting' skills you need to kill it as a 20-something professional woman (and have some fun while you're at it!).

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If you're a woman in your 20's, Rise is for you.

Isolation, stress, anxiety, impostor syndrome..

If you've experienced any of these, you're not alone. And it doesn't have to be this way.

College taught us to think, but it never taught us to survive (let alone thrive) in the "real world".

This is where Rise comes in.


learn the skills you need to succeed in career, finance, relationships, self development and personal health


join a community of likeminded women committed to supporting each other in their success


receive 1:1 mentorship and coaching from women with deep expertise who want to invest in your life and career

The Investment

Even if you are just starting your career, Rise will help you succeed.

Even if you're in between jobs, Rise will help you succeed.

Even if you're struggling to identify your purpose, Rise will help you succeed.

Even if you're in your dream job, Rise will help you succeed.

The Rise investment is more affordable than your coffee habit, your gym membership, and your favorite dinner out.

  • Monthly Life Skills Learning Module  
  • Learning Module Archive Access  
  • Live Virtual Monthly Centering Call  
  • Live Virtual Monthly Expert Q&A  
  • Private Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack Groups  
  • In-person event ticket access 
  • Accountability Buddy Program  
  • Discounted Expert Coaching Sessions  


Take a peek inside our members-only platform...

The Rise community is diverse, powerful and ready to up the game for all women ready to rise.

Rise provides me with the community that I needed after I graduated from college! I feel supported because I realized that other young women have the same questions as I do - We are all in this together!

~Winki C., Rise member

Rise has been an incredible community to be a part of. Not only have I received great advice from experts in an array of fields, but I also have met and been inspired by my new network of amazing women (and friends!)

~Maddie S., Rise member

Navigating the professional world is rarely straightforward and often stressful, and having Rise in your corner helps immeasurably. Through the negotiations module, I prepared myself to ask for a raise in a confident and informed way— and I got it! The Rise community empowered me to know my worth and make sure my employer did too.  

~Erin C., Rise member

'Rise motivates me to set time aside to invest in myself and gain valuable information about key topics like stress and finances. I also like the frequent posts on the Facebook page because it reminds me to complete the modules and make sure that I am setting aside time. Rise keeps me accountable.'  

~Ellie H., Rise member

'{I joined Rise because} I was struggling to find a job, I didn't know what I wanted, debating grad school, just lost, confused, and lonely in the process.'  

~Holly, Rise member

A Word from Our Founder

Julia Starr, Business Strategist & Life Coach

In the last seven years I've worked as a teacher, a consultant, a coach and an entrepreneur. I have seen how there are unwritten rules that dictate what success looks like (and how to achieve it), and observed that there's a single narrative which primarily serves one group of people (hint: it's not young women).

In my own life, and in the lives of the 100's of young women who have come through my coaching practice, it has become evident that this framework doesn't work for us. Whether it's chronic anxiety, burnout, or impostor syndrome, the existing ways of working are not serving the female population.

And I deeply believe we need to find ways to support female leaders. And we need to do it in a new way, a way that is energizing, uplifting and totally magnetic!

Rise is the accumulation of the things that I know work: coaching, accountability, community, and access to information.

You guys are the secret sauce, and when we mix it all together we have one BA crew of changemakers, leaders, and creators. 

I can't wait to see what we mix up together.



As soon as you join, you can access all these modules and more! 

*a brand new expert module is added each month


Here are some that we get asked most frequently...

Does content expire? 

  • No, content does not expire. Modules are archived and you can complete them at your own pace.. and choose to complete the modules that are most relevant to your life!
  • Our live expert Q&A's are posted in our private Facebook group after that fact.. and you can submit questions in advance if you're unable to join live.
  • The monthly goal-setting call IS live, and you do need to be present to get the face time with our founder Julia, and the rest of your Rise community. However, we have built the mentor and accountability buddy programs to help fill the gaps when you need options that are completely customizable to your life and schedule.

What happens when I'm paired with a mentor? 

  • Mentors are women over the age of 30 who have dedicated the majority of their adult lives to career.. they all have incredible backgrounds that lend themselves to experience that will support your own success!
  • We ask members (you) for your location and industry preferences, and we do our best to match you up with a female mentor who fits your interests.
  • Mentors are committed to giving you one hour each month, either over the phone or video chat (if you are matched with someone in your own city it's up to you to decide if you want to meet in person), and together you set your expectations and focus areas.
  • We support you and your mentor with a Mentor Guide that outlines expectations and potential topics, and our amazing mentor director, Emily, is always on hand to support your mentorship experience!

Invest in young women's success

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